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With over 25 years of experience working with Mac, UNIX and Windows platforms in industries ranging from government, high tech, publishing and marketing, MirePoiX is uniquely poised to provide you with innovative, scalable and effective solutions to help you get the most from your IT dollar.


On-site System Assessment

We meet with you and take inventory of your current systems environment. From there, we discuss your current needs as well as anticipated future requirements.

Upon the completion of your site assessment, we offer various solutions to help you meet your IT goals.

  • Mac, PC, and UNIX computer repair and service
  • Computer systems optimization
  • Backup system installation and monitoring
  • Server installation and maintenance
  • Desktop, and laptop system installation
  • Smartphone and tablet installation and integration
  • Systems automation development
  • Software solutions management
  • Software installation
  • Software development
  • Antivirus solutions
  • Operating system install and maintenance
  • Network installation, wiring and upgrades
  • File and printer sharing
  • Wireless networking


With 15 years in the print and media industries, MirePoiX offers a unique ability to serve those who work with creative media.

Some of the services we offer are

  • Creative media systems recommendations
  • Video editing solutions
  • Digital image/video processing systems
  • Digital image/video archiving solutions
  • Live web streaming and conference solutions
  • Digital media workflow management
    • Automated colour correction
    • Image conversion
    • Distribution
  • Reliable integration Mac and Windows or UNIX
  • Installation and support of RIP software for:
    • Roland
    • Gerber
    • HP
    • Output Hardware